Roland Ramanan

roland_ramanan_profileI am a musician and teacher based in London with a passion for photography.

Street photography, or the tricky art of trying to capture the remarkable in the everyday is what really sparked my serious interest in this medium and I remain firmly bitten by this bug. This really came about by meeting street photographer David Gibson in a book group around 2010. After buying a camera take on my travels I remembered that David was a photographer and decided to look up his work. From that moment on I was hooked.

I am equally focused on a documentary project about the lives of a vulnerable group of people who come to an area called Gillett Square in east London.  This is a long term commitment which has thus far proved challenging and moving.

My other main creative outlet is playing jazz and improvised music; more on this below.

Publications and exhibitions

My photographs have been featured in:

2014 Hackney Citizen newspaper
2013 and 2015 London Independent Photography Exhibition
F-Stop magazine, fLIP, London Independent Photography



Hackney Citizen:

London Independent Photography:


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