Wojciech Ryzinski

unnamedI am a Polish photographer currently based in county Tipperary, Ireland. I have participated in street-photography and photojournalism workshops with photographers and editors from Magnum, VII Photo Agency, and The National Geographic. I was selected as a student of the prestigious Eddie Adams Workshop in 2015. I have been awarded in the photography contests including Leica Street Photo (Leica Camera Poland) and the Miami Street Photography Festival.

My work is inspired by the classical documentary photography. It is never posed or pre-arranged in any way as I believe that life creates the most intriguing situations.

Photography is my way of learning about the people and the society. To get a better understanding of what I see and therefore to become a better photographer I have enrolled as a part-time student of sociology and psychology at Dublin City University.

I devote most of my spare time to photography. When I am not taking pictures I spend my time looking at them. I have a growing collection of photography books.



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