Petra Röbl

Petra Röbl, * May 9th 1974 (Wels, Austria), female, Austrian
Psychologist, Mediator, PhotographerI live and work mainly in Vienna, Wels and Salzburg.
I work digital, analog and with instant film.

In my opinion photography highlights tension between mortality and life. This may sound a bit dramatic though … well.

Pictures help to document, interpret and remember. It is some kind of visual anthropology – the mapping of the random in the everyday – approaching the particular couleur locale.

Photography is my way to encounter to explore and to light on scenes about everyday life on the street, public transit areas and all sorts of places of interpersonal encounters to show people as acting and sensitive individuals in an anonymous crowd. Trying to transform perceived personal reality into a document / a file.

Everything is subjected to subjectivity so I’m just telling / documenting my stories about people, about places. My story, my frame, my personal journey. No more and no less.

… life is transit (in best case a journey) … photography reminds us of it …