Joris Dewe

Joris_DBorn in Congo and currently living in Belgium, Graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts at Bruges and having a diploma as teacher ‘Arts Education’ and also a certificate as photographer by CVO in Kortrijk (Belgium).

After my school period, I didn’t use all of these papers much in a professional way. Why? Well, I was generally interested in art and my father was a pro movie maker and photographer, so at 16, I wanted to follow his footsteps, but at 21 years old I wanted to earn a lot of money. Anyway it gave me the opportunity to work in his darkroom and using his gear.

In spare time I’ve always been a creative bee, from rock singer to surreal painter. I made big graphic (art) things, 8 mm small films, etc… always changing and searching, without any trace of success, but I enjoyed myself and met the best people in the world. My current creative therapy is some kind of classic individual photography. It’s just a lazy way to express myself and to be a story teller. I don’t look for a ‘style’ so I work free without frustrations.

About a year ago I made a blog which nobody was looking at, so I posted my photos on Flickr and ohhh… wonder, I got visitors and comments. That encouraged me to participate at three prestigious contests: Moscou IFA 2015 where I got a ‘honorable mention’; Miami Street Photography Festival where I was graced as a finalist and Photo View 2015 ( small local contest in Flanders with 80 participants ) where I got a consolation prize. So, you see…always restart from the beginning is the best advice.

Beside single images I currently work on two fantastic projects :
– First: ‘An elephants’ life is always sad’. (About real elephants but also balloons, statues, tools for children, fair and circus, pink elephants, old broken stuff, etc.)
– Second: ‘Living in a castle’ (about castle and mansion proprietors who are too poor to maintain their houses but wants to keep the allures).
I hope there comes a day, I’ll create books about the projects, but first I really need to make time to create a decent website.
My expectations are very simple: finding a mecenas, making better photos and if odds arise to break that virtual photographic world, I will join.



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