Chris Lavaud

chris_lavaudFrench photographer born in Paris in 1964, Chris Lavaud discovered photography at the age of twelve. Without abandoning its 24×36 camera, he worked 25 years in the media, telematics and communication in France to practice his profession of graphic designer.

In 2014, he left his job to devote himself to photography. Today he focuses mainly his work in humanistic photography in urban areas. Through his photos, he contextualizes the relationships between people and their living spaces to discuss their representations with subjectivity. This is certainly for him a means of expression together with a very personal photographic freedom the world around us.

In his own work, he often returns to London, a city where he enjoys spending time walking the streets and meet ordinary people. Surely, a city where he can express his personal style for black and white contemporary photography.

Chris currently resides in the region of Toulouse, France, with his wife Emmanuelle.

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