Barry Delaney

barry_dInspired by the colour, energy and DIY attitude of punk – fled the grey Dublin of the early 80s,  to travel the world and fell in love with film photography. Eked a living doing various manual and technical jobs, along the way, got married and then divorced. Twenty years later, after quitting drinking and getting some stability back in my life, I began making pictures again. It started on the streets of Dublin, a place well familiar to me, and has since moved on to other parts of Ireland and and across the pond to America. In 2008, I won the TG4 Irish photographer of the 21st Century. I have had 4 solo exhibitions in Dublin, and been selected for various group shows and self published 3 books. I now produce and make documentaries about real life in Ireland today.

“Creativity is that magic that creates something personal and beautiful out of nothing.”



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