Arthur Gorniak

Arthur_GorniakBorn in Poland in 1978 currently living in US and finishing BFA in Fine Art Photography at Academy Of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

In the relation to the photography that I have taken so far, even when I had decided on something like a theme, I didn’t prepare any material or do any research – it could even be said that I never do such things. There are many photographers creating great works who do things precisely, in advance, ascertaining a method or course, but I am just not good at this. It’s my belief that the place where I am with my camera, the place that I get myself into, is what matter to my photographs. In other words, whatever background knowledge or image I have in mind can easily be overturned as soon as I get to the actual place. Therefore, even if I use a specific method or try to show something from a certain viewpoint, this always develops on the spot. In this way, I am almost like a detective, completely relying on the crime scene. Of course, this is also connected to my interest in the images that are made on the spot, and to the way the image inside myself competes with real place. In short, photography is linked with place above all else.

I work exclusively with monochrome because this is exactly how I view urban areas where I live. My images despite their rather unpleasant nature are presented in the high contrast scheme being chaotically composed and presented. The presence of human beings amplifies the urban city decay narrative further opening it to the interpretation and ambiguity. Some of my frames portray harmony, unity, or emphasis while others could be viewed as chaotic or portraying contrast – the opposition. I take all the time needed treating my photography as a form of meditation.

Relying heavily on the juxtaposition where lines, shapes, the contrast between the light and shadows as well as texture, and proportions play an important role, I try to design the memorability. I hope the viewer will have an emotional response but I do not care whether it is positive or negative. I do not force the narrative onto the viewer – I want the conclusion to be reached with time after careful evaluation of the formal side of my photographs.



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