Angie Pappas Constable

moiGreek, born in New York in 1976. A time and place of great visual stimulation and cultural variation which marked my early years. I loved observing people and I loved details. When I moved to Greece I experimented with various forms of art. I studied Interior Design and Decoration. I taught English as a foreign language for 17 years and at the same time I did paintings, murals, wire sculptures and mosaic art for shops, bars & restaurants. I also DJed a couple of nights a week. I moved to Dublin in 2010 and began using a camera as the best way to record all the differences I saw around me in lifestyle, weather, buildings & people and present them to my family and friends back home. I’d been taking candid shots of people for quite a while, before I knew anything about street photography.
I completed a street photography course and later became an administrator for the Street Photography Ireland group on FB. I exhibited some of my street photography work twice, in group exhibitions, in Dublin. (Sol Art Gallery, 2015 & Filmbase, 2016). I find Joel Meyerowitz and Gary Winongrand’s work fascinating especially from the 70s & 80s NY, as it revives all my early childhood memories.
After years of struggling creatively, I found that nothing else matches my personality better than street photography. It’s an ever-changing art of such immense importance, because it’s been recording life throughout the decades, giving us such an insight of what it was like, what people wore, how they interacted, and the many differences and similarities between then and now. It’s a very active type of photography, pure, raw and alive. There’s such a variety of styles to play with and choose, limitless approaches, subjects, backgrounds, angles, colours, mediums, and results. What keeps you going is the thrill and adrenaline, the joy of being at the right place at the right time, feeling invisible while being present. There’s room to keep evolving without the fear of reaching a dead end. And of course, there’s the power of freezing some truly great moments and keeping them safe, with the stories behind them. Moments that nobody else noticed but you, but you can present them exactly how you saw them. All this is exactly what I aim to reflect with my work.


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