Andrew Steiner’s Slide show

text by Brian Quillinan 20th Jan 2017

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Last July we ran our first exhibition here in Cork as part of Cork Photo 2016. We attracted approximately 200 people to the opening which was a resounding success.

Andrew’s slide show was one of the big highlights of the show and we are proud to share it. It is an extensive body of work consisting of 4 projects based around the Chicago area, all concentrated into a show of under 10 minutes. Really, there is little I want to say about this work other than to commend how much dedication obviously went into these projects.

We helped Andrew out with the slide show production which wasn’t hard after seeing the incredible sequences that he had come up with. All that is left to say is take a few minutes out and watch the slide show in full screen mode. Enjoy!


You can see more of Andrew’s work here…